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NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa is beneficial and safe for dogs and cats!

So you probably already know how good Canarian Moringa is for you. You have tried it for yourself and you can note improvements at both physical and mental levels. So can Moringa Oleifera help our pets as well? The short answer is yes! Canarian Moringa can improve the health and vitality of domestic animals, especially slowing down and in some cases reversing ailments such as senility, blindness, deafness, arthritis and joint related ailments. Our dogs and cats can benefit from regularly consuming Canarian Moringa with each meal. Below is a table of suggested daily amounts of NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa powder for dogs and cats. Moringa Oleifera can be taken with other natural treatments such as Hyaloral, though if your pet is receiving medication for any other condition, please consult your veterinary before adding Moringa Oleifera to their diet.

Buy NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa powder or capsules for your pets

Moringa for small dogs

Moringa; recommended dose for small Dogs


        (Up to 6 kg Weight)

  • Morning - 0,8g to 1,2g

  • Evening - 0,4g to 0,8g

  • Maximum/day - 2g

Moringa Tips #7

Try adding the NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa raw powder to your dog's meal. For fussy eaters, try hiding a capsule inside their favorite treat, after their mealtime.


Moringa; recommended dose for medium sized Dogs


        (6kg to 15 kg Weight)

  • Morning - 0,8g to 2,0g

  • Evening - 0,8g

  • Maximum/day - 4g

Moringa Tips #8

If your dog is very active or if you live in a cold climate, you can increase the amount of daily Moringa Oleifera by +1g. If you live in a very hot climate, try a little less at first.


Moringa; recommended dose for large Dogs


        (>15 kg Weight)

  • Morning - 2g to 3,2g

  • Evening - 0,8g to 1,6g

  • Maximum/day - 4g

Moringa Tips #9

NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa is ideal for dogs over 4 months whilst they are being trained. Moringa Oleifera has been proven to optimize   concentration and memory.


Moringa; recommended dose for Cats


        (Average Weight)

  • Morning - 0,4g to 0,8g

  • Evening - 0,4g to 0,8g

  • Maximum/day - 2g

Moringa Tips #10

Cats often reject Moringa Oleifera powder mixed with their food. It is often necessary to hide a capsule inside a little ham or tuna after their meal.

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