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Buy natural Moringa here with the guarantee of certified ecological cultivation and secure online shopping.

If you have arrived here, you might be curious about trying Moringa for the first time. Or perhaps you have tried other brands of Moringa, but would like to compare NaturaLeaf ecologically E.U. certified Canarian Moringa with your regular Moringa.

NaturaLeaf; we sell Natural Moringa with 100% Transparency

At NaturaLeaf, we publish the exact details of our products, and in the product description images, you can clearly read the front and back labels of our products, which include the origin of the product, and the European Union ES-ECO -014 -IC ecological quality seal.

We do not sell 3rd party Moringa Oleifera under the NaturaLeaf brand name, and we do not sell our organically cultivated Canarian Moringa to any other vendor. We do not sell our products via any other platforms.

And we do not market cocktails, ie, Moringa blended with any other product. We just sell pure, certified premium quality Moringa Oleifera, ecologically cultivated in the Canary Islands, directly from us to you, with no intermediaries.

Buy Moringa with a guarantee of quality control

So if you are serious about experiencing the amazing health benefits of Moringa Oleifera, you are in the right place. Scroll down through our three groups of NatuaLeaf Canarian Moringa products, choose the formats of natural Moringa Oleifera which suit your needs, and buy Moringa with 100% confidence.

NaturaLeaf Genuine Canarian Moringa Capsules

This is the most convenient form to take Moringa Oleifera organic powder. Select either 60 or 120 capsules. Each capsule weighs 495mg, of which 95mg is the vegan friendly capsule material, and 400mg is the content of NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa Powder.

Worldwide Shipping

Guaranteed Secure Online Purchase

Free Shipping to Spain (inc. Canary Islands) and Portugal (orders over 50€)

Free Shipping to all other E.U. Countries (orders over 125€)

Free Shipping Worldwide (orders over 150€)

NaturaLeaf Genuine Canarian Moringa Powder

This is exactly the same NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa as is used in our 495mg capsules, but in a much more economic format. Although it might not be as convenient as taking capsules, it is the most logical way of adding natural Moringa to your recipes or smoothies. This is the most economical way to benefit from certified organic Canarian Moringa.

NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa Powder

NaturaLeaf Genuine Canarian Moringa Dried Leaves


NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa in the form of dried leaves. The same organic Canarian Moringa is used for this product, but it is in a more natural, raw format. It is not concentrated as are the capsules or powder formats. This is used for Moringa Oleifera infusions, for salad dressings, or for day to day cooking.

NaturaLeaf Moringa Capsules
NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa Leaves

NaturaLeaf Genuine Canarian Moringa - All Products

Canarian Organic Moringa

Browse through our natural Moringa products, mix and match to order the World's finest certified organic Moringa Oleifera. Order with friends and family to benefit from the generous discounts. And don't forget that shipping is FREE to Spain (including the Canary Islands) and Portugal for orders of 50€ or over, also for the rest of the EU for orders over 125€.

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