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Tips, advice and suggestions for using NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa

There are many reasons to start taking NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa. You might be concerned about COVID-19 and are considering using Moringa Oleifera to optimize your bodies immunity system. Perhaps you need to stabilize your blood pressure level or sugar levels.

All of us at the NaturaLeaf team use Moringa, some of us have done so for over 15 years, so in addition to the scientific and clinical test results, we are able to offer experience and common sense regarding the use of Moringa Oleifera for a variety of purposes.

In this section, we will help you decide which type of NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa is best suited to your needs, and we will suggest how much and when your should take it. Remember that everyone is different, and these guidelines are starting points for you. Over time, you will be able to adjust how and when you take Canarian Moringa to suit your own physical state and lifestyle.

Using NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa to help with Weight Control or Loss

Moringa for Weight Loss; Method 1:- 

Take 4 to 6 NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa capsules 30 with a large glass of water 30 minutes before your first meal of the day, ideally before drinking any coffee or tea.

Moringa for Weight Loss; Method 2:- 

 Drink an infusion of NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa 15 minutes before your daily exercise or workout. This can be prepared the day before and chilled. You'll find plenty of ideas for hot and chilled infusions at our Canarian Moringa Recipes page.

Moringa for Weight Loss; Method 3:- 

Eat a metabolism boosting starter before two main meals each day. An example is  Humus with NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa powder + chili or fresh ginger. Spread a little on some wholemeal bread before your main meal. Check out our Canarian Moringa Recipes page for delicious methods to use Moringa Oleifera as part of your everyday diet.

Moringa Tips #1


There is no miracle herb or product for weight loss. NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa can certainly accelerate weight loss if you follow an active and healthy lifestyle, but there is no such thing as a standalone substitute for a sensible diet or regular exercise.

How much Moringa should I take?

Moringa Tips #2


The amount of NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa which you should take also depends upon factors such as the climate which you live in, your weight, diet, and level of physical activity.  Check out our recommended use table in this section.

Are Moringa leaves safe to eat?

As we mentioned in our general introduction, Moringa Oleifera is classified as a nutritive herb, meaning it is closer to nutritious foods rather than medicinal herbs. Please note that this section only applies to Moringa Oleifera leaves, not the roots, bark, flowers, seeds or fruit which all have different properties. As such, organic Moringa leaves can be consumed in high quantities without general risk.

Most medical experts or dietitians agree that up to 1 gram of Moringa powder for each 1kg of an adults per day is well within safe limits.

Many Moringa brands often recommend taking between 1 and 2 grams per day. For a 100kg person, this is 1/100th to 1/50th of the maximum recommended usage, and by taking such a small amount the user will probably note very little or no benefit, especially if  the Moringa is of poor quality.

How much Moringa should I start to take?

A safe and sensible starting point for an average adult is 3 to 4 grams each day, split between breakfast time and second main meal time. After 10 days, try increasing to 5 or 6 grams per day. We suggest limiting the maximum intake of NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa to 8 grams per day, as exceeding this amount does not seem to show further benefits. Remember that you will notice some effects of taking Moringa within a few hours, but most of the effects will appear days or weeks after you first started. Everybody has a different body, lifestyle and metabolism, so be patient, and try taking different quantities, each with a full interrupted 10 day testing period. It is wise to keep a journal for this. After a few months, you will have discovered your optimum NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa daily intake!

For an average use, check out the NaturaLeaf Moringa powder recommended dosage table below.

NaturaLeaf  Moringa Capsule to Weight Conversion

  • 1 x = 0.4 grams of Moringa

  • 2 x = 0.8 grams of Moringa

  • 3 x = 1.2 grams of Moringa

  • 4 x = 1.6 grams of Moringa

  • 5 x = 2 grams of Moringa

  • 6 x = 2.4 grams of Moringa

  • 7 x = 2.8 grams of Moringa

  • 8 x = 3.2 grams of Moringa

  • 9 x = 3.6 grams of Moringa

  • 10 x = 4 grams of Moringa

  • 11 x = 4.4 grams of Moringa

  • 12 x = 4.8 grams of Moringa

  • 13 x = 5.2 grams of Moringa

  • 14 x = 5.6 grams of Moringa

  • 15 x = 6 grams of Moringa

  • 16 x = 6.4 grams of Moringa

  • 17 x = 6.8 grams of Moringa

  • 18 x = 7.2 grams of Moringa

  • 19 x = 7.6 grams of Moringa

  • 20 x = 8 grams* of Moringa

  • * Maximum RDA / 24H

Should I take Moringa together with a vitamin supplement?

What properties does Moringa Oleifera contain?


If you are taking a reasonable quantity of NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa on a daily basis, you will have a high intake of natural Vitamins B1, B2, B3, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Copper, Iron, Sulphur and essential and non-essential amino acids. If your natural diet does not provide you with sources of Vitamins C and E (these are the only two elements of Moringa Oleifera which decrease through the leaf drying process), then you might decide to take these vitamins as individual supplements, or as a multivitamin complex.

What happens if you take Moringa and a vitamin supplement?


If you take a multivitamin complex in addition to Moringa, there are two important factors to remember; (1) you might exceed the RDA of some vitamins or minerals, and (2) your body will only be able to absorb a certain maximum threshold of most minerals and amino acids.


Let your body prioritize the Moringa over vitamin supplements

It is recommendable to "prioritize" the natural elements of NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa over processed or synthetic supplements, so it is important to take your Moringa at least 4 hours before any multivitamin complex.

Moringa Tips #3


A balanced, healthy diet, enhanced by NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa, is in most cases complete without the need to supplement it with vitamin complexes. Just a small change to your diet can result in your body receiving all of the required vitamins and minerals.

Should I take Moringa before or after meals?

Moringa Tips #4


Remember that Moringa Oleifera is a food, not a drug. As such, NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa powder is ideal to add to salads, soups and many other dishes. Within practical purposes, there is no real dietary or clinical limit to the quantity which you can add, however, Moringa Oleifera powder can taste rather bitter, so use it sparingly at first.

Moringa can be taken before, during or after meals


Because Moringa Oleifera leaves are considered as a nutritive herb or super-food, it can generally be taken before, as part of, or after any main meal. But there are a few exceptions, such as using Moringa to help weight loss, before exercise or workouts, or to facilitate or avoid its laxative effect.

Take Moringa before meals to help with weight loss

If you are trying to lose weight, you should take NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa with a large glass of water around 30 minutes before your main meals. This will facilitate digestion and also slightly reduce your appetite.

Take Moringa just before physical exercise

To get the best out of a workout, HIIT or cardiovascular exercise, take NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa around 15 minutes before you start.

Moringa used as a laxative

Taken on an empty stomach, Moringa Oleifera can act as a mild laxative, whilst taken after a meal, it can regulate digestion.

Take Moringa before and after meals to regulate blood sugar levels

And if you are using NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa as part of a plan to reduce blood sugar levels, take half of the dose 15 minutes before a main meal, and then the other half 15 minutes after.

Who should not consume Moringa Oleifera leaves?

Moringa leaves are the safest part of the plant to eat


Whilst Moringa roots, seeds and fruits could lead to toxicity if consumed in very high quantities, Moringa Oleifera leaves and powder made from these leaves are considered safe to eat as food.

Consult your doctor before taking Moringa if you are taking special medications

For persons taking some medications, Moringa Oleifera use might add to the effects of these medications. For example, if you are taking medication to control high blood pressure, using Moringa as well might lower your blood pressure too much. So if you are currently taking medications for any of the following conditions, please consult your doctor before using Moringa Oleifera.

List of medical conditions which might not be compatible with Moringa use

  • Thyroid Problems

  • Diabetes

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Any other condition which is being treated by blood thinning medications.

Moringa Tips #5


Moringa Oleifera is relatively new to the Western World. Some early "studies", most of which were not clinical studies, claimed that the plant can cause toxicity. However, recent clinical studies  conclude that Moringa leaves are non toxic, even if consumed in very high amounts.

Why does NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa cost more than some other brands of Moringa?

Moringa Tips #6


When you purchase Moringa Oleifera, pay attention to the weight of each capsule! Many mainstream brands of Moringa sell average quality produce in capsules of between 175mg and 350mg. A capsule containing just 200mg is approximately half of the guaranteed 400mg content of NaturaLeaf capsules. Moringa Oleifera benefits your body according to the weight of the produce which you intake, not the quantity of capsules!

The potential risks of consuming Moringa which is not E.U. certified

There are many brands of Moringa Oleifera available. Some are sold by reputable organic producers, although many vendors sell "low cost" Moringa. The intrusion into the marketplace of "low cost" dietary supplements is very common, but invariably comes with its risks.

In addition to the probability that the "low cost" Moringa on the market originated from non-E.U. or third world countries, where air, water and soil contamination are commonplace, due to economic pressures, Moringa powder imported from these regions often contains a mixture of ground leaves, bark and roots. Moringa Oleifera roots have very different medicinal properties compared to the leaves, and taken in high doses, can cause damage to several organs.

NaturaLeaf Canarian ecologically cultivated Moringa Oleifera is certified by the E.U.

NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa is 100% organically cultivated, in an area free from air, water or soil contamination, without fertilizers or pesticides. It is a genuine natural Moringa. The leaves are washed in clean, pure water, and the powder is loaded into vegan friendly capsules within a certified clean environment.

This process produces what is probably the world's purest and most effective Moringa Oleifera which is available on the market. However, the process to create this high quality Moringa takes longer and is more costly than producing average or below average quality Moringa.

If it's cheaper than NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa, it's probably because it's inferior, impure, mixed with other substances or originates from a non-E.U. Country. In the world of Moringa, you get what you pay for.

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